NOVEMBER 22 – 24, 2019 


14 years ago, DesignerCon (aka DCon, presented by toy-industry titans 3D Retro) debuted at the Pasadena Convention Center and quickly became the West Coast’s premier convention for fans, collectors and creators of cutting-edge collectible art and vinyl toys. Last year, DCon moved to the Anaheim Convention Center, tripling in size to 350,000 square feet of vendor exhibition and programming space. Excitingly, everyone came with us and DCon continues to grow in its second year in Anaheim.

In our first year in Anaheim in 2018, over 37,000 art and design fans and families attended the show to buy world-class, cutting-edge art and related merchandise from world-class contemporary artists and brands. This year, the number of vendors and artists is jumping 20% to over 1,000 total artists and vendors, and attendance is expected to exceed 50,000.

We welcome you to explore a section by clicking below, and join us at the biggest DCON ever:


The Tech Zone is curated in partnership between Jesse Damiani (Forbes Contributor and VRScout Editor-at-Large) and Think Tank Gallery. At last year's inaugural DCon Tech Zone, Damiani brought a unique iteration of the landmark Spatial Reality XR art show from sp[a]ce gallery – which ultimately morphed into Virtual Futures with LACMA at LA Art Show. Since curating that show, Damiani has curated Sim-Cinema, featuring the first-ever public Holodome art showcase, and has new installations forthcoming in Sandbox Immersive Festival and Sonar+D.

The Tech Zone will feature art and artists from these shows, as well as other notable experiences, games, and hardware. DCon has always been a home for the creators, pioneers, and risk-takers, and the Tech Zone honors that heritage by also hosting demos of the apps, tools, and platforms that these artists will likely use to make art -- sooner than any might expect!

To shine light on all this amazing art, we'll also host a VRScout-curated panel series throughout the convention, with insight from independent artists, executives at leading companies, journalists, and other oddballs who've found their way into this emerging realm.


See some of our favorite artists and friends we're inviting to show off to guests:

The long-awaited standalone headset from Oculus has arrived, the Oculus Quest, and we want the DCon crowd to witness its power. Free of any wires, games like Beat Saberas well as painting applications like Tilt Brushhave never felt quite so free.

The Magic Leap One Mixed Reality headset has officially arrived, and includes incredible playable experiences such as Tónandi, from Sigur Ros, which reveals the company’s dedication to immersive technology’s capabilities as a creative platform.

We’re bringing the star of the DCon 2018 Tech Zone back by popular demand – HADO. Because really, who doesn’t want to take a break to throw virtual energy balls at each other?


John Orion Young has emerged as a pre-eminent VR sculptor – bringing his vivid brand of ‘JOY’ to a variety of different pieces and live performances. His pieces in the Museum of Other Realities (a VR museum) are always crowd-pleasers – especially when he greets visitors as a virtual avatar and shows attendees the space personally.

DCon is a fest for the creators, and MasterpieceVR is a powerful creation tool of the future. This May, the company also launched Masterpiece Motion, a platform that allows users to rig models directly from within VR – by hand. By hosting tutorials and demo stations, we’ll show artists how their next projects might actually be created within virtual reality.

Created by Sutu, EyeJack is an AR platform that allows 2D images to come to life with augmented reality – whether they’re books, small prints, or wall-sized murals.


SUPERHOT VR has remained a fan favorite VR game since its launch in 2016, and for good reason. In it, time moves when you do – giving you the ability to feel like a downright magician when you dispatch oncoming punches, throwing stars, and bullets. Now, the game is fully functional on Oculus Quest, allowing users to move without any cables.

Ever wanted to spend some quality time with Rick and Morty? Well, in VIRTUAL RICK-ALITY, that’s exactly what you do – and it’s every bit as zany as you’d hope.

The Looking Glass is a brand new holographic display for users to view 3D art in 3D without the use of a headset. It’s an all-new way for artists to showcase their art – as you can tell from this piece from Marpi (formerly of Obscura Digital).


SUPERHOT VR has remained a fan favorite VR game since its launch in 2016, and for good reason. In it, time moves when you do – giving you the ability to feel like a downright magician when you dispatch oncoming punches, throwing stars, and bullets. Now, the game is fully functional on Oculus Quest, allowing users to move without any cables.

Ever wanted to be a DJ but just felt like you didn’t want to be confined to traditional tools? Survios’s recently launched ELECTRONAUTS puts a whole new spin on what an immersive music experience can be – letting you remix songs you recognize in total unrecognizable ways. ELECTRONAUTS features eight innovative, interactive music arrangement components only possible in VR. Check out this tutorial video to see how they all work and put them together into a bass-thumping jam!

Flipside XR is a tool that lets you use VR to make an end-to-end animation – using your own body and gestures. Want to have your own alien talk show and draw shapes in the air? Want your director to make sure the edit is perfect? All of that is possible with Flipside.


For those moments where you get way too involved in VR, you need the Infinadeck – an omnidirectional treadmill that immerses you in the full physical reality of movement in a virtual environment.

Chorus is the future of what a shared, narrative music experience can be. Join up to five of your friends and undertake an epic journey together – all set to the Justice song of the same name.

Sometimes, you have to feel it with your own hands to believe it. That’s where haptic gloves come in handy – and HaptX produces the most sensitive gloves on the market. If you’ve never imagined holding a miniature fox in your hand, well…now you don’t even have to imagine.





DCon Social Media Reach

DCon Social Media Reach



DCON Newsletter = 30,000+ Followers (Vendors & Ticket Buyers)








2019 is a very exciting year – and theme – for DCon. Every year DCon picks a subject around which its vendors and sponsors can design, and with all of the thrilling activity in the worldwide capital of entertainment related to the Sci-Fi world this year, our theme was a no-brainer: SPACE.

2019 has some monumental moments for some of
Hollywood’s biggest sci-fi franchises.

  • 2019 is the year in which the original Blade Runner took place.

  • Back to the Future II turns 30 in 2019 (joining more than half of our audience in their thirties!)

  • Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) opens a few hundred feet from DCon’s front door in 2019


We’ve already stacked DCon 2019 with some exciting collaborations, novel experiences, and milestones for international brands/artists making their way to the United States, and we keep adding new values to our guests every day. We've listed a few of 2019’s highlights below, and the list keeps growing every day.

Ask us how to partner on the biggest DCON yet, and what kind of special experience we can add for our guests!



By way of DCon founders 3dRetro, we have “Back to the Future II” licensing rights for limited merchandise for DCon 2019. Being the 30-year anniversary of the film, we’re expecting a ton of fanfare during the convention this year, and to get out ahead of it we are planning a tribute art show as a centerpiece of the event. Ask us how to get involved in the art show with some of our favorite artists, or even how to commission some official BTTF:II licensed prints or pins!



2019 is a big year for fans of art, illustration, and especially sci-fi. Added to the list is Ridley Scott’s classic “Blade Runner,” where Harrison Ford made history stomping around the streets of Los Angeles in 2019. While the real LA landscape of 2019 looks much different than his predictions, it doesn’t stop fans from celebrating Blade Runner Year with a ton of tribute art and installations. Join us in paying homage to one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made and guarantee a big hit at DesignerCon 2019.



It doesn’t get any bigger than Star Wars. Has there ever been a larger and more celebrated creative universe in the history of media? Matching the massive scale and even larger fan-base expectations, Disneyland will present what they have called the most ambitious creative endeavor in history just a few short months before DCon opens. Many DCon guests have already reserved their tickets, and many more have worked with Disney directly. Expect some exciting artwork, programming, and experiences celebrating Disney and Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland just a few hundred feet away from DCon’s front door.



The DesignerCon Official After Party is a longstanding tradition of highly collected limited edition merchandise, thrilling graffiti and art battles with partners like Secret Walls, and famous live performers in every genre of music. For 2019, DCon is taking over the historic House of Blues Anaheim and inviting all of our 21+ attendees for DCon After Dark. If you want to throw something into the DCon mix that’s not suited for children, this is your chance. If you want to party with the who’s who of the international design industry, this is arguably the best place you will find all year.



Part of their yearly tradition, famed clothing designer Johnny Cupcakes has teamed up with DesignerCon again for 2019. The exclusive, limited edition Johnny Cupcake tee for the show brings a line of people year after year, and collectors from around the world area excited for 2019’s design. Expect a rad installation with their smell-infused merch displays, too!



World famous Medicom Toys teamed up with DesignerCon in 2018 for its first ever show in the United States, bringing some of their most exciting Japanese artists and collectibles and selling out piece after piece. Happy with the long lines filling the show floor all weekend, Medicom is back, this time with a limited run of DesignerCon exclusive designs of their legendary Be@rbricks featuring a DCon-curated list of well-known artists, and even longer lines of international fans.



For 2019 we are excited to have a variety of Harrington’s illustrations adorning the badges that every guest wears (and collects). Ask us how to have your brand present Harrington’s work alongside DCon on every badge!



Los Angeles native CRG has continued to transform the contemporary art landscape. Having been displayed internationally and featured in numerous magazines including Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, and Modern Painter, she is included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum as well as the San Jose Museum of Art, which held a retrospective of her work in 2007. The official DCon 2019 show program is a collector’s item every year, and 2019 will present one of the most coveted annual issues yet when Camille Rose-Garcia creates her original cover art. Ask us how to present the collector’s item alongside CRG and DCon.



Created originally for DCon 2018 and presented by partners as revered as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Tech Zone is coming back in force for 2019. VRScout’s Editor-at-Large, Forbes Contributor, and Spatial Reality curator Jesse Damiani curates the show alongside Think Tank Gallery and VRScout provides media support to a litany of artists and sponsors. The DCon Tech Zone is where art and technology get cozy and conspire to blow your mind. From virtual reality installations to augmented reality apps to 3D sculpts of digital work – and all types of fun in between – this space showcases the work being created at the furthest edge of digital expression.



Jam Mahfood has worked for every major comic book company in the world, and has a client list that stretches across gigantic companies like Playboy, Disney, Armani, Nissan, NBC, Sony, Comedy Central, TIGI, MTV, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Cartoon Network, Star Wars Gamer, Hollywood Records, Mad Magazineand many more. We are thrilled to invite Mahfood to create the official DCon 2019 poster and billboard designs that will live in the fan-favorite Fairfax streetwear shopping district and other coveted spots in LA for months leading up to the show. Ask us how to present Mahfood’s work alongside DesignerCon on these high exposure billboard locations.



Sneakerheads and streetwear fanatics have always crossed over with comic book and designer toy audiences in an intimate way. Collectors are collectors, and one would be hard pressed to find a more excited community than those of designer toys and limited release sneakers. To recognize this massive part of our fanbase, DCon curated an unofficial area of streetwear and sneaker brands for our move to Anaheim last year, to great success. For 2019, we invite like-minded companies to create an official paradise for sneaker and streetwear fans presented alongside Angelus Leather Paints, The Hundreds, and many more. (Official section title pending)




DesignerCon brings the best and brightest stars of the designer toy and fine art worlds together under one roof, from individual artists with a burgeoning fanbase to major brands and companies whose products are collected all over the world. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 7.37.10 PM.png

Continuing the tradition of ComicCon's Artist Alley, DesignerCon thrives on connecting creators to their fans. 

Some of the confirmed talent for 2019 includes:


DCon is bringing a crowd.

And so is Anaheim.

The Anaheim Convention Center first became a meetings and conventions destination in 1967, and the original construction consisted of the domed Arena (which stands on Katella Avenue), an Exhibit Hall, and Meeting Space. Since those early days, the Anaheim Convention Center has completed a total of six expansions plus several cosmetic renovations to update the Convention Center. Five of the major expansions provided additional exhibit hall and meeting room space. While the fifth expansion, completed in January 2000, resulted in a complete transformation of the Anaheim Convention Center and surrounding campus, the most recent expansion, completed in January 2013, was the Grand Plaza: 100,000 square feet of exterior space offering meeting planners the opportunity for large outdoor gatherings including alfresco dining, concerts, receptions, exhibitions, meetings and more.

It's right next to Disneyland and nearby multiple airports with shuttles directly to its front doors (including LAX). It's one of the West Coast's most accessible locations for an international audience of the magnitude DCon brings.



DesignerCon lives in the creative capitol of the world, and is the most genuine and widest slice of it that you can find. While other conventions might boast larger numbers and heavier corporate attention, DCon connects to its artists – and therefore their fans – in a way that is realer than any other. When you partner with DCon, you buy into a vital creative community and speak directly to an audience of influencers tuned into the vanguard of illustrator, animator, and collector culture

And since this event takes place at the brink of the holiday season, our impact and consumer spend opportunity is off the charts.

Our only rule?

No matter how you'd like to see your brand presented, we're open to any and all ideas and ready to get creative.

The most immersive and integrated sponsorship opportunity we have at DesignerCon 2019 is with our partners at PowerCore. Ask us how to turn any single aspects – as many of them as you want – into a branded activation and opportunity to share your messaging. Gamify the entirety of DCon with your product or service.


Every single guest, artist, sponsor, and VIP in the whole Anaheim Convention Center – 50,000+ over the three days – will need to access the internet to share their selfies with hard-to-get designer items, access their business emails for networking, and even make sales with their cash registers.

You can literally name the wifi network for the entire Anaheim Convention Center after your company or slogan.
Ask us how.

immersive installations 1.jpg

Our team has built some wild art installations for its brand partners over the years. Be the next to captivate audiences in a memorable way. Hire our team to produce or bring your own.

branded experiences.jpg

Sometimes you need more than a simple photo opportunity. Our team understands that an interactive experience is the single best way to leave an impression. See how we've done it before.

aisle banners.jpg
vip lounges.jpg

For the first time, DCon is seeking an Aisle Sponsor. Tens of thousands of guests are looking for their favorite booths as they walk the floor, and your art pieces in the sky can lead the way.

We have a few different Lounges around the convention floor, including VIP areas, recharging and relaxation stations, panelist and talent green rooms, and more. Give our guests a break.

entry decor.jpg

The Anaheim Convention Center has one of Southern Californias most iconic entryways. They're letting us deck it out with artwork, and we'd love for you to help us show off to the whole city.


Each year, DCon takes out 4 billboards in highly visible locations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. For our biggest event yet, we want to invite a couple big names up there with us.

official video host.jpg

Renowned graffiti photog and videographer Birdman has been creating some great content for DCon for years. The video reaches a huge audience and we invite you to join us in presenting it.

Join us in the madness, and perhaps on our radio and TV commercials, too (Cartoon Network, etc).

stage presenters.jpg

We have two stages at DCon – the main panel stage during all three days of the convention, and the music stage during the House of Blues After Party. We welcome you to present and event co-curate DesignerCon's most exciting talent to share lessons to the realest illustration, animation, and sculpting fans in the world for the former. We’re making it into one big art piece.

And for the House of Blues? It’s going to be big.

integrated decor.jpg

There are a variety of places in the con that invite smart partnerships with clever and creative brands. Lobby design, ticketing stations, tons of line queue areas, and wayfinding signage are all places that warrant tens of thousands of daily interactions, and each is an opportunity to create a work of art.

tech zone.jpg

One of DesignerCon's most exciting and open-ended areas is the  “Tech Zone,” presented alongside media partner VRScout. Think VR & AR, 3D printing/sculpting, software demos, charging stations, etc. Put your product in guests' hands, or transform it with the most cutting edge media in art history.


We seek a variety of creative partners for many corners of DesignerCon — including on-site activations and promotional packages. We also work to build out customized opportunities to suit each partner we work with. In addition, if you know off the bat how you're looking to be involved, we offer more traditional and straightforward brand partnerships. 



• Ads on Tickets (print and online)

•Badge Sponsorship (logos on lanyard badges given to each guest)

• Map Sponsorship (online & printed map inclusion with logos; logo on wayfinding signs on walls + floor) 

• Beverage Sponsorships

• Snack Sponsorships

•Media Sponsorships

•Ads in Booklets & Other Programs




3DRetro was founded in 2003 by Ben Goretsky and his passion for collectible toys. 3DRetro supplies the best and hardest to find collectible figures from around the world. 3DRetro also produces collectible vinyl figures with artists from around the world including such names as Gary Baseman, Touma, Nathan Ota, Jeremy Fish, COOP, Brandi Milne and so many more. In 2013 3DRetro opened its retail location in Glendale, CA making it a hot spot for collectors. The store hosts multiple release parties throughout the year and features signings with artists from around the world. 


Hijinx Arts is a Los Angeles based PR & Management firm that specializes in promoting artists, galleries and special events. The team offers a wide array of scalable, fully-integrated public relations and marketing services to work hand in hand with their clients. 

think tank.png

Think Tank Gallery is an alternative arts space and immersive production company founded in Downtown Los Angeles in 2010. They build themed experiences around the country, and hide content in every corner. From building a coffee house in a warehouse with patio performances, to running a skate park in a gallery streaming video feeds through the ramps, to running a month of events in a giant cake wonderland with Cirque du Soleil, Think Tank Gallery nails the branding without upsetting the vibe. They create meaningful – not mindless – entertainment.